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Exceed your expectations!

We are proud to introduce a new facial procedure in our salon:

Cold Facial Therapy -$70 (Regular price- $105).

Cold Therapy is applying frozen objects to our body to provide benefits – in short, putting cold on skin.

For this treatment we use the cold massage Probe to release muscle sprain and reduce blemishes. And it use cold to tighten skin and shrink pores.

Other benefits of Cold Therapy:

*Enhances your skin's absorption of nutrients, removing wrinkles and eliminating unsightly spots

*Tightens and firms your skin, while shrinking pores

*Relief of pain, pinched nerves, stiffness, sprains, neck injury; decreases inflammation

*Increasing blood circulation and metabolism while helping you relax

*Treat injuries and bruises

*Deep skin moistening, detoxifies and shrinks pores

*Skin toning refresh rejuvenation, skin soothing and relaxing

* Anti-redness / Anti-sensitive

*After sun care--Sun burn/Sun tan

*Improve Puffy Eyes in the morning

*Help swollen face

Promotion will last until April 30, 2018 and could not be combined with any other spa promotions.