Salon and Spa Pure

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Combo Packages

Dancing Feet -30 minutes -$50
Antibacterial Mineral Foot Soak, Refreshing Minty Foot Scrub, PURE Special Foot massage
- 1hour- $80Mini Facial, Mini Manicure
Back Pealing Combo - 1hour- $95Back Scrub, 30 min Back Hot Stone Massage, Scalp Massage 
Manicure and Pedicure Combo
-2 hours- $110
Spa Manicure and Spa Pedicure Combo -3 hours -$130
Pure Special -2 hours- $135
Anti-Age Facial, Mini Manicure, Hand Paraffin wax treatment
Paradise -2 hours -$155
Moisturizing Facial, 1/2 hour Relaxation Massage and Mini Manicure
Hot Stone Massage Combo - 2 hours -$135
1 hour Hot Stone Massage, Hair Damage Remedy, Hand Paraffin Wax
- 2 hours -$170 
Ultrasonic Facial, 1/2 hour Relaxation Massage, Hand Paraffin wax treatment
Spa Getaway - 3,5 hours -$175
Spa Manicure, Spa Pedicure, 1/2 hour Relaxation massage
Magic Getaway - 2,5 hours - $170
Essential Body Scrub, Feet Reflexology, 1/2 hour Relaxation Massage, Hair Damage Remedy, Hair Blow Dry, Tea Ceremony and Fruits
Must be requested 24 hours prior the service.
-3 hours- $190
Manicure, Pedicure, Moisturizing Facial
Total Indulgence -5 hours -$285
Ultrasonic Facial, Spa pedi, Spa mani, 1/2 hour Relaxation Massage

Gift Certificates available